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 LIVE report by CBS TV News from the film set. Watch video HERE:

"Director of Photography 
Daniel Burke, is shooting the film 
on 6K digital video 
with Black Magic equipment, 
for a release next year 
to streaming and DVD."
   (Lohr McKinstry, 
Press Republican) 

"Lake Champlain’s lake monster, Champ, has had many sightings over the decades, but now he’ll be seen on the silver screen.  “Lucy and the Lake Monster,” is a new film being shot last week near Port Henry in Bulwagga Bay. The entire film will take place on the shores of Lake Champlain. They say they hope Lucy and Champ’s story will turn into a multi-book and movie series."
.             (CBS News)

 "Filming will last the next four weeks in various locations, turning a lakeside cabin into an enchanted house of folklore. “It’s going to be the home of ‘Papa,’ my character, the grandfather, and Lucy, his granddaughter,” Rossi said. The film follows the book “Lucy and the Lake Monster,” a fictional tale of Kelly Tabor’s life as a little girl living in Crown Point on the search to find the Lake Champlain sea serpent, Champ."
(CBS News) 

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